Monday, September 28, 2009

Version: Cost-Play


For some time now, im attending Costume playing/manga conventions or some sorts. and im liking it so far and i even thought about doing cosplays.. but WTH ill probably be in the "Fail box" once i do one..

by the way cosplay means:

Cosplay short for “costume play,” is a type of performance art whose participants outfit themselves, with often-elaborate costumes and accessories, as a specific character or idea. Characters are usually sourced in various Japanese and East Asian media, including manga, anime, tokusatsu, comic books, graphic novels, video games, and fantasy movies.

Cosplaying is expensive in my opinion, and its not a thing for gaining tons of money. in fact making a good costume costs big bucks. lets just say, Cosplaying is an expensive hobby! it is! but the rewards are great. praises, awards or even by blowing up a fan's mind by your perfect cosplaying is a WIN.

some will say "NO, cosplaying is not costly"
well, yeah! if you wanna be like this guy.. X_X


but this costume? i dont think so. =)

i think, if we're planning to cosplay a certain character we should follow at least these basic points..

1. Costume
MAJOR thing, one should have 80-100% costume resemblance to their desired characters or its down to the basement for you my friend.. enough said.. we all know this.

2. Skin complexion
i know there's a saying that cosplaying is about expressing yourself and being the character you want for a day, that's right!

Im not being racist or anything. but i mean if you have a dark skin and you want to cosplay an albino character its just not right.. i think there's tons of dark skinned characters to choose not just the anime part but the western animation too.

2. Height
its not really a big thing, kids can always cosplay their fave character regardless of their height. Even grown men cosplaying as Ash(pokemon) or a "giant" Kirby. as long as they get the essence of the character, its no biggie!

3. Weight(of course)
Holy crap this is a major thing. you cant be doing Saya form BLOOD+ with 200lbs of weight x_X or be too thin to cosplay Superman.

Since Philippines doesnt have that much overweight people its not a big problem, as ive said there's tons of selections. why dont we try cosplaying a character that suits our weight?.. Monkey D. Luffy for the thin guys, Bob from tekken or choji from naruto for healthy people. these are just some of the many selections you could choose.

4. Facial
One of the major bit too.. One cannot imagine cosplaying Vash the stampede with a pure asian look. (since vash is Western based) IMAGINE THAT?! or like the guy from the movie: Dragon Ball Evolution! LOL! he is one of the people that rides the Failboat!

and at least, we must have a resemblance to the character we are playing except for the characters that doesn't need a face. lol! ex. gundam, transformers, godzilla etc.

5. Hair
you can always put wigs or dye your hair or whatever.
just be sure to get the exact hairstyle/color for it will be the essence of your character's appearance and it'll be easier to recognize what character you're playing.

6. Cross-Dressing or Cross-play
cross dressing is normal at conventions.. women can play male characters and so does the men..
and in my opinion females are the best cross dressers..

but for the males... guys, cross dressing is VERY RISKY.. so be very sure if you really want to do it..

so there you go..

NOTE: these terms are just based on my observations i have no intention of offending someone.


Some cosplays are just Plain fail.. im not a PRO cosplayer, but seriously I KNOW when a cosplayer fails or not, Dont we have eyes?? lol..

anyways here we GO!!
School girl?? what did i tell you about cross dressing? tsk.

Tidus? x_x

Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura was left at master Tsunade's kitchen. OMG


And now my favorite part, the Wins!
i Admire the people who spend Money, Blood, Sweat and time just to portray characters.

Vash The Stampede.. (very nice leather suit) @_@

Nurses from silent hill (goriffic) LOL
Squall Leonhart! holy crap @_@
Cloud Strife
Afro Samurai (That's what im talking about!)

Tifa Lockhart
Venom(better than the movie costume?)
this one is EPIC WIN! real life plastic soldier! muahaha

I believe that every person has a suitable character to cosplay, we just need to figure that out.

hope you enjoyed reading.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Versions: Decayed Nails


Hohoho.. i can feel it! November is near and im craving for Zombie genre movies again, holy crap! i dunno what's happening to me, but i have this random urges that i have to scare myself through zombies.. i just love the thrill of having an adrenaline rush after a gruesome surprise scare from the movies or even games. im currently playing the Resident Evil franchise, Left 4 Dead and those zombie related games. hehehe!

and of course, MOVIES! i just love George Romero's Films from Night of the Living Dead to (the latest) "Diary of the Dead". if you're "in" for a zombie flick. i recommend watching this one.. is very innovative in terms of movie making..

nowadays, its amazing how movies make things real... and i mean, "Legit" reality. hahaha!

Diary of the Dead follows a band of people making a horror film at the time of the first outbreak who decide to record the epidemic incident documentary-style and end up themselves being chased down by zombies. It appears to be set in a present time (though it takes place in the same time frame as the original) and it is also the first film in Romero's series to explicitly reveal that the zombie epidemic is not a localized event but a worldwide phenomenon.

Diary of the Dead is the fifth film in George Romero's highly acclaimed Dead series of zombie films. It is not a direct sequel to previous films in the series, and "a rejigging of the myth" according to Romero.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Version: Susie Salmon



Young, a little obscene,
A little strange
but its doesn't make a man a murderer
she thought about gasoline rainbows.

take a deep breath and hold them
make yourself small like a stone.
as she gazed down from the heavens
what she left, she observed.

energy of positivity i felt
when she spoke of gruesome words
as if it was a fairy tale.
i grew patient.

as she questions the presence of perfection
sees a snow globe as an example
perfect world that is, for a tiny girl.
everything was painful and surreal


My way to pay tribute to the creative book called "The Lovely Bones".
I wrote this a few months back. i was browsing my draft works and decides to post this one..
i was just inspired by some of its lines. im looking forward to the upcoming movie..


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Version: Comrade, Compadre


Its good to have tons of friends, right?
ever wondered how was the mood when you first met your current best friend?
the first day of class in a new school?
the first day of work?

its thrilling to meet new people and gradually adjust to their auras..
its good to have friends, companions, troop, peepz or whatever you call it..
but beware some of them are just plain bullcraaaap!..
some of them are just a blip or a dot on your "life radar".

Me, i choose my friends and i like to keep them as low as possible .
i mean i do have acquaintances, lots of em.
But a "friend" to me is too important to be taken lightly.
They're the exclusive people that you want to share your life with..

Im not antisocial im just not user friendly "LOL!"
and do i have the problems on remembering names! "DOUBLE LOL!"

PS: my new classmates are fun to be with.. a ok! =)