Monday, July 9, 2012


Back from the dead. Back to typing words leaking in my head.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


My fondness for rhythm is superlative
My worship for harmony is irreversible 

My liking for craniums is supreme
My adoration for bones is unalterable 

My fondness for existence is concrete
My attachment for humanity is tangible

My reverence for brilliant minds is unmatched
My admiration for the responsible is unparalleled 

My respect for art is undeniable
My affection for  obscurity is permanent

My veneration for life is incontrovertible
My warmth for “love” is perpetual

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Garage isn't noise barrage.

Butcher them through the night. let it breakdown then break it up so still.
Get those pigeons come barging in! let it come to pass, let it come!
Some of them used to think that we are just plain detectives that is sober and all done.
And from the eyes of the exiled cons the sound is pure and true.

The time it takes when the horrors sink in through our throats.
Is when the time it takes for the strokes to get dreamy faints.
I swear they will come and see a rocket from a crypt
A phantom from the shore and a planet from the seat

A silly expression like 'Yuck!' comes from a silly thorned babe.
summer Hollywood sinners fly from a modern rape.
If someone gets owned, a white collar will compliment,
Those stripe lines from its shirt is just the way that it torments.

I drool and frown when the sandpaper is out, it scratches through my heart
Electric, metric, eccentric and climactic
Lollipop shoppe carved for a funny drop frappe, i was fed by the sweetness of love.
Frankenstein is in love with a new york doll.

These sounds are fun when you hear them by the ear
These sounds are crown when you hear them from the heart.